Marlin Fishing in Puerto Rico

Originally all fishing was done for the sake of catching and eating fish. Fish were readily available and a great source of meat and nutrients. Now things are a bit different, fishing is still primarily done for consumption but there are new areas in recreational fishing, scientific research, and for use in commercial products which have become more and more popular over the last several years.
Fishing is undeniably fun, it’s also a nice way to entertain and enjoy time with family and friends.

If you’re passionate about fishing the most important things to consider are location and making sure you understand the rules and regulations for the area. That’s where we step in, with a charter fishing company you can relax while we take care of all the logistics for you. So why choose marlin charter Puerto Rico for you next fishing expedition?


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Fishing charters

There are countless fishing charter companies out there which are useful for helping you find excellent fishing trip all year round. There are various types of charters are existing, which include half-day, ¾ day charters, all day trips, and overnight charters.
You should also be considering the fishing style you wish to enjoy. This is because there are various styles of fishing are available including reef and wreck, deep sea, inshore, near shore, and many others.

If you’ve pick the right fishing charter company, then you should listen to the advice of the captain. If you’re not able to heed their advice, then you’re putting yourself and risk and also not fishing in an efficient manner. Captains are captains for a reason, they are there to guide you and to correct your mistakes in fishing.

Would you like to go fishing in Puerto Rico?

If you would like to go fishing in Puerto Rico, consider Caribbean outfitters. We have years of experience and can even the most difficult catches possible, making us a magical fishing charter. Have dreams of catching that massive tarpon? Let Caribbean outfitters turn that dream into reality.
Want to catch Marlins in Puerto Rico? We all know the best parts of Puerto Rico to make that possible. If you would like to catch some rare fish, we’re the best place to begin your fishing journey.

Distress and let your problems melt away as you spend the day battling big fish or relaxing.

Get ready for your fishing trip in Puerto Rico

Fishing offers a lot more than just catching, so reduce your stress, spend some time with the family or set up an unforgettable work trip. While fishing with us you may also meet new friends and make new bonds.



“Always professional service.”

I have known Capt. Omar since before he started his charter business back in 1994. He is the best there is at what he does. He is honest, hard working and a very professional fisherman. Put yourself in his hands and he will do everything possible to get a fish on your line!

Evelyn S

Trip Advisor

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